4825A 6 Cavity Ice Candy Maker For Making Ice Candies And All Easily.

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4825A 6 Cavity Ice Candy Maker For Making Ice Candies And All Easily.

Description: -
Easy To Make Homemade Treats For Kids. Our Cavity Ice Candy Maker Has An Eco-Friendly Reusable Design. There Is Something About Frozen Treats That Tends To Bring Out The Kid In Everyone. They Never Fail To Soothe That Summer Thirst. But It Doesn't Need To Be Summer To Enjoy Dessert Ice Pop.

SAFE AND USER FRIENDLY - 100% BPA Free, Our Cavity Ice Candy Maker Are Made Up Of Durable Good Quality Plastic For Long Lasting Use In Your Home. Our Cavity Ice Candy Maker Is Oversized To Hold More Treats But Stand Securely In A Tray That Fits Your Freezer. And They Are Top Rack Dishwasher Safe.

NO MORE STICKY HANDS - This Cavity Ice Candy Maker Has A Drip Tray At The Base Of Each One To Catch The Drips, So No More Sticky Hands. The Slotted Holes In The Stick Secure The Stick In The Candies, Making It Easy To Remove The Candies From The Maker.

HEALTHY LIFESTYLES & SAVE MONEY: Home-Made Candies Won't Have Anything Weird In Them Like Added Fake Coloring, Chemicals, Or Flavors. You Can Make Homemade Ice Candies As Natural As You Like. Homemade Candies Will Cost Far Less.

DELIGHT YOUR KIDS, And Their Friends With Homemade Tasty Ice Pop Treats. Create Healthy, Nutritious And Money Saving Ice Candies In Your Own Freezer. Make Healthier Ice Candies Using Juices, Fruits, Jams, Yogurts, And Ice Cream To Avoid The Added Sugars From Store Bought Ice Candies.

Specifications: -
Material :- Plastic

Dimensions: -
Volu. Weight (Gm) :- 704

Product Weight (Gm) :- 110

Ship Weight (Gm) :- 704

Length (Cm) :- 17

Breadth (Cm) :- 17

Height (Cm) :- 12

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