2638 Heat-Resistant Pasta Server Baking Tools

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Cookware Heat Resistant, Non-Stick Pasta Noodles Server Spoon (Black)

? Thoughtful Design
The high easy to conduct heat and is more comfortable to hold than other utensils. While you enjoy a happy cooking time, you can protect your -quality nylon is more durable and keeps you away from the trouble of kitchen utensils rusting or breaking. The anti-scald silicone handle is nothands from being scalded.

? Heat Resistant Nylon heads
Work well for scraping and reaching into edges and corners

? Spacious head
Large enough to accommodate soups, sabzis, and biryani

? Securely attached handles
The securely attached handle comprises a loop at the end which ensures convenient hanging storage

? Dishwasher Safe
Ensures quick and easy cleanup

? Made out of scratch-resistant nylon material
Completely safe, non-toxic, and food-grade

? Perfect for daily home cooking
Used to flip, turn pancakes, burgers, meats, and other food

? Ergonomic Design
Ergonomic grip for comfortable holding.
Convenient triangle ring for hanging storage.

? Easy to Clean
After each use, just wipe the pasta server with hot water or put it in the dishwasher, you can easily clean and remove excess fat and food. The design of the hanging hole makes it easier to dry, effectively preventing odor and bacteria accumulation.

? Function
Perfect tooth spacing: Avoiding the slippage of the noodles caused by the large spacing, and the lack of grip caused by the small spacing. Perfect service spaghetti, linguini, pasta, etc. Make your pasta cook quickly and well.

Tapered edge to slide under food easily
Paste Server head won't scratch cookware
Long-lasting, stain-resistant color

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