Plastic Color Crush Game Board, A Puzzle Game, Challenge's Educational Board Game's, Game for Kids & Adults, Birthday Gift (1 Set)

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1936 Plastic Color Crush Game Board, A Puzzle Game, Challenge's Educational Board Game's, Game for Kids & Adults, Birthday Gift (1 Set)

Description :-

The challenge is for the kid has to arrange the pawns on the board in either of the three ways in under two minutes.

All blues, all red, and all greens arranged in columns, as shown in the figure

To place all pawns on the board where no two similar color pawns to be next to each
Other row wise, as shown in the figure

One row same color, alternate colors one above the other.

This improves concentration and hand eye coordination tremendously. With time constraint, it becomes all the more challenging.

The COLOR CRUSH game Set up
Place all the pawns randomly on the board. In any order and as jumbled as possible.
Each player gets a key to lift the set.
A 'set 'is one red, one green and one blue pawn.

Objective of the game
To lift sets from the board, till there are no more sets possible.
To avoid accumulating points. The player with the lowest score wins.

How to play
Once all the pawns are placed on the board and the players have the keys.
A coin is tossed to decide who starts.

The first player identifies an RGB combination and puts the key inside to lift all the three colored pawns in one go. (The player cannot use his fingers to lift the pawns)

The next player then tries to find one set, then the next, and so on.

This continues till RGB sets, till there are no more RGB sets readily available.
Each player, at his turn, can then swap adjacent pawns, either horizontally or vertically (not diagonally) to create a new set to lift. The pawn can not be moved to an empty space. Only pawns that are side by side can be swapped. If there is a gap between the pawns - they can't be swapped.

This can be done only 3 (three) times. Other players have to be mindful of how many turns each player has taken. One could also strike on paper for every swap done.
Once the player has completed their three swaps and no more sets are possible that is mutually agreed between the players (as shown in the figure)

(Although there is a set available on the left side - The key can not be used to lift the set. There is a set that can be made with green and blue swap where the key can be used)
The player who gives up at his turn, gets all the points
(i.e. number of remaining pawns) added to his account.
This is the first round.

A total of 6 rounds have to be played.
The final score is totaled up and whoever has the least score WINS.

Special scenario
1. A player is taking too much time to make his/her move, the player may still have one or two swaps left, the other players can tell him to pass and miss his turn. It may so happen that in the next turns he is able to pick up a set.

2. For Example, three players A, B & C are playing the game. Player A picks up a set, Player B can't come up with any solution, but player C knows a possibility, Player B passes and Player C makes a set with his swap, the next turn is with player A- if player A cannot make any set and if player B and C agree and it is obvious that no more sets can be made. All the points are added to Player A as it was his turn.

This game brings in an element of surprise on the final score. Merely winning a board and not gathering points doesn't ensure victory as in the next rounds a lot of points could get accumulated. The game is about acute observation and creating sets requires a lot of thinking as other players could also benefit due to a swap, some other player could make a set that was previously not possible or locked from lifting.

Points to take care
1. Do not shake the board to make the pawns fall.
2. If there is no space to put the key, do not force the key to lift a set, by disturbing all the other pawns.
3. At no point can pawns be picked up with fingers.
4. Note how many swaps the other player has done - either mark it or remember to not allow more than three swaps. 5. Extra three pawn are given in case a pawn is lost.
Enjoy the game and challenge people for the quick and innovative game of COLOR CRUSH

Dimension :-

Volu. Weight (Gm) :- 989

Product Weight (Gm) :- 464

Ship Weight (Gm) :- 989

Length (Cm) :- 34

Breadth (Cm) :- 24

Height (Cm) :- 6

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