Natural Bamboo Wooden Skewers / BBQ Sticks for Barbeque and Grilling

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Natural Bamboo Skewers Wooden Barbecue Sticks for BBQ Roast Kabab Grill Chicken Tikka Fruit Salad (Multicolor 15cm)

These Elegant Casa bamboo skewers sticks are being offered in wood color and perfect for use. The size of the sticks makes them ideal for use on the oven and grills for cooking your favorite dish. Quality is destined to not be a matter of concern for you as all the sticks are made with the use of the best quality bamboo. You can ideally use these bamboo sticks on any occasion accordingly as per your need.


The Elegant Casa Natural Bamboo Skewers are eco-friendly and perfect for use. All of the offered bamboo skewers are made with the use of bamboo pressure treated natural material, without any chemicals.

Ideal for Various Occasions

It is great for use on various occasions, parties, events, food catering, or for any home use purposes. You can ideally use the sticks on the oven or grills to cook several eatables from time to time.

Ideal Size, No Use of Chemicals

When it comes to the size of the sticks, they are 8 inches in size. We dont use chemicals to smooth-en the sticks, nor bleach to look whitish, whatever color that is visible comes naturally.

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