24 Piece Stainless Steel Premium Cutlery Set With Stand

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Trendy Cutlery Set 24 pcs with Stand

6 DESERT SPOON The term " dessert spoon" indicate a bowl measurement of two teaspoons. These spoons are generally used as soup spoons because they feature winder and deeper bowl that hold more liquid, , Chaku Stand.

6 TEA SPOON a classic teaspoon is great for coffee.tea.desserts, cereal, soups and more. Like the dinner knife and fork, the teaspoon is a standard member of a five piece place setting.

6 FORK Although dessert fork closely resemble the salad fork, this utensil is smaller and has a slightly thinner build.it is used during the main course.

6 BUTTER KNIFE this common table knife features a dull edge and rounded point perfect for spreading butter or jam into softer foods, such as muffins or toast


-Create an elegant impression in front of your guests as you decorate your dining table with this cutlery set.

-Cutlery Set Made with High Grade ABS Plastic & Stainless Steel.

-It has Unique Revolving Stainless Steel Stand.

-The comfort grip on the handle is heat-resistant and easily cleaned in the sink or in the dishwasher.

-High Grade Mirror Finish Makes Them Look Quite Elegant.

-The smooth plastic finish makes it super safe to be held by all people.

Package Content :

6 Dinner Spoons, 6 Tea Spoons, 6 Forks And 6 Butter Knives.

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