French Fry Chipser / Chips Slicer / Potato Chipser / Chips Maker Machine / Potato Slicer with Container

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0114L French Fry Chipser / Chips Slicer / Potato Chipser /Chips Maker Machine / Potato Slicer with Container

Description :- 
  • Strong and sturdy these sturdy chipser is a great kitchen companion for all homemakers out there. It can mash hard boiled potatoes in a jiffy. So, no more going to lavish restaurants for those crispy french fries when you can get everything at home with ease. This device saves a lot of amount on your eat-out options. The quality plastic is very sturdy and safe for food products.

  • Potato chipper French fries and finger chips cutter/ potato chopper / slicer with container made from virgin fiber

  • Make different potato dishes like French fries, hash browns, potato chips and mashed potatoes

  • The smooth fiber finish makes it super safe to be held by all people

  • Made of quality virgin fiber

  • The perfect staple in your kitchen

  • Easy to use :- plastic potato Chipser are very convenient to use as it has a strong handle that makes your job easy. Made of quality virgin plastic, this product can bear high force and pressure. It can easily mash potatoes at a time thus making your job less demanding.

Dimension :-

               Volu. Weight (Gm) :- 1008

               Product Weight (Gm) :- 510

                Ship Weight (Gm) :- 1008

                Length (Cm) :- 32

                Breadth (Cm) :- 12

                Height (Cm) :- 13

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